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Otsego Middle School is located on the main campus with Otsego High School to its west and Washington Street Elementary to the south. 

OMS has approximately 550 students and brings together students from our three elementary schools into one. 

Otsego Middle School lives by “The Jennings Rule”

"No child shall be made fun of, embarrassed or humiliated in any way before, during or after school hours. Each student, no matter how ‘different’ will be accorded the respect and dignity which is his or her human right.” - Jennings Michael Burch

Mission Statement

Our mission at Otsego Middle School is to serve the community by helping our students develop socially and emotionally while becoming life-long enthusiastic learners. This will be accomplished by creating an environment in which all students, regardless of learning style, can find success.


Empower. Grow. Succeed.

School Hours

OMS Regular School Hours:
7:45am - 2:46pm

OMS Delayed Start School Hours: 
9:15am - 2:46pm

OMS Office Hours: 
7:15am - 3:30pm

Otsego Middle School
540 Washington Street
Otsego, MI 49078

Who to Contact

Main Office Line:  269-694-7500

Attendance Line:  269-694-7580

Fax Line:  269-694-7599

Athletic Office Line:  269-694-7500

Transportation Line:  269-694-7940

Community Ed Line:  269-7930