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STREAM School at OMS

STREAM School is a 2-hour block of the day that combines math and science with real-world application. This class covers the exact same material as all grade-level math and science courses, but it is taught differently. STREAM students spend the majority of their classroom time outdoors.

STREAM School is a unique opportunity for students provided through a partnership between Otsego Public Schools and a number of local, regional, and national organizations. STREAM School students learn valuable Science and Math content alongside everyday skills needed for success in today's world while connecting their learning to the outdoors. Students study fish, local waterways, outdoor survival, alternative energy, machines, and much more! 

STREAM School provides an inquiry-based atmosphere using Project Based Learning and allows us to meet the needs of all our students in preparing them for a successful future.  In addition, projects need to connect to real world opportunities because our students want to connect their learning to the world in which they live.  Teachers work alongside local professionals in developing project ideas that connect the content to the project.  In order to facilitate this experience, it takes a community of people doing more together.  Students are given an opportunity to explore and think about how their passions and interests could play out in the future and they consistently have opportunities to witness a variety of jobs and future possibilities!

2022-23 STREAM School Information

STREAM Information

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Alkire ( at Otsego Middle School.