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Otsego Middle School offers eight sports to our students. All sports are open to 6th-8th graders except football and volleyball which are only for 7th & 8th graders. 

All registration is done through Final Forms online. See the details, instructions and FinalForms link below our sports descriptions. If you have any questions, please contact our athletic department. 




FinalForms Athlete Online Registration

Otsego Middle and High School Athletic Departments have partnered with FinalForms, an online forms and data management service. FinalForms allows you to complete and sign athletic participation forms for your students online; FinalForms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year so you will never need to enter the same information twice!  You will review your information once per school year to verify information is current and sign the forms. Tools within this program will also improve communication between coaches, parents, athletes and trainers.

Otsego Final Forms Link

A couple of notes before you begin:

  1. Before starting the registration process, please click on the Parent Playbook below to help you with the online registration process. You will need a number of forms on hand, which is explained in the Playbook.
  2. Have required information available, such as medical history, health information, insurance company policy numbers, doctor, dentist and hospital information.
  3. Parents will need to fill in your student’s email address. Families must use the student’s email address. Your student will then need to check their email for information on how to complete their portion of the registration.
  4. Bookmark the FinalForms site or save it to your desktop or mobile device. (A Google search will not go directly to the Otsego site.)
  5. All Otsego middle and high school student-athletes are required to be registered in our online athletic registration program.

Otsego Parent Playbook link

To register your student-athlete, please go to: 

Contact Information: 

John Kubiak, Athletic Director

Carrie Curtiss, MS Athletic Dept. Admin. Asst.