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kids cheer after winning a game

Each month, OMS participates in an assembly to showcase the new Capturing Kids’ Hearts Word of the month, and honor the Students of the Month. The CKH Word of the month for December is Responsibility, and this month's assembly showed many ways OMS students show responsibility in and out of the classroom.  

First, several students participated in a skit to show their classmates how they should behave in the cafeteria to show responsibility. They showed several examples that don’t display responsibility, and ended with an example that shows how to be responsible. 

Then, several students shared what they do to be responsible in and out of the classroom. They shared how they might help their classmates with their schoolwork, or how they behave at home. 

Lastly, each grade participated in a memory game where students had to flip over letters to reveal the word Responsibility before the time ran out. Congratulations to the 8th graders for their win!

Finally, the December Students of the Month were honored by Mr Alkire, Mrs Sokoloski, and Mr LaRowe. Congratulations to Devin Bushouse, Skyla Harig, Kingston Lennan, Kassie Lafler, Sophia Waite, and Timmy Patrick for your hard work and achievements in the classroom!

Student turns over a letter during the CKH assembly
Dec students of the month

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